About Me

My Personality

I am Alan Leung Shek Lun, an energetic person, who like learning and thinking, sharing his insights with others. I have been finding more and more meaningful way for a long time to spread great idea inside or outside the classroom. Also, working in collboartion with the teammates become more and more essential in nowadays ever-changing soceity.

The core value is printed in my mind is that we need to educate not only in knowledge about the nature, society, humanity, entertainment, but also the inspiration from the speakers all corners of the globe which can connect the personal experience with students.

Internet is a milestone to share ideas with colleagues, students, friends and family members or even the people you do not know. YouTube is such a platform allow e-learning possible.


I would describe myself as a passionate, caring and dedicated individual who enjoy the excitement in education. I always consider the passion in me and strive for excellence in actualising my potential in the vocation of a teacher.


I have space for improvement on my management skills. Sometimes, I work more than I expected in time and effort as I may set too many targets on a project. I need to constantly review my progress with others. And I would consider this is an opportunity for me to have effective communication with teamates and also learn from each other.

My Goal in Education

My goal of education is to cultivate a knowledgeable future citizen and servant leader to carve their strong character using innovative learning pedagogy and ideal learning environment.

Education Background

MSc(Honors) Physics

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shatin, Hong Kong


PGDE ICT (Major), LS (Minor)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Shatin, Hong Kong


BScEd (Honors) (Science and Web Technology)

The Education University of Hong Kong

Tai Po, Hong Kong


MY Recent Profession

2 years of school teaching experience

Now teaching



2. GCE (OCR, AQA, Edexel, CIE)

3. IB Physics SL/HL

4. SAT




7. GCE (OCR, AQA, Edexel, CIE)

8. IB Physics SL/HL

9. SAT (Math 1 / Math 2), PSAT



  • International general Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
    • internaional qualiifications and benchmark for further education
    • administrated by:
      • University of Cambridge International Examination (CIE)
      • London Examinations (Edexcel)
  • GCE Advanced Level (GCE Alevel)
    • proof of academic ability for entry to universities worldwide
    • provided in a separate stream in grades 11-12
    • Develop a deep understanding of subjects and independent thinking skills
    • administrated by:
      • University of Cambridge International Examination (CIE)
      • London Examinations (Edexcel)

My Video about Physics Education

My Video about Math Education

My Previous Educational Work

Self Introduction in 2015