Multimedia Editing

iMovie and Final Cut Pro

iMovie 2018 PDF Guide.pdf
Final Cut Pro 2018 Keyboard Shortcut Guide.pdf

00:02:45 Where to Store your Footage

00:06:11 Definitions: Library, Events, and Projects

00:09:18 Where to go for what (windows explained)

00:15:16 Importing Your Footage

00:21:06 Trimming

00:23:36 “A Mode vs P Mode” (Arrow vs. Position)

00:26:21 Splicing (Blade Tool) 00:27:28 Audio Editing Tricks

00:30:53 Keyframe Adjustments

00:33:48 Fade Audio

00:34:50 Disable A Clip

00:36:16 Adding Transitions

00:37:12 Adding Titles

00:42:05 Rendering

00:47:34 Trick to Duplicate Titles

00:48:22 Effects

00:56:10 Trick to Copy/Paste Properties to Other Shots

00:58:13 How to Bundle Effects

00:59:35 Learn from my mistakes

01:01:46 Changing the speed of your shots

01:03:43 Adding Voiceover

01:05:53 Exporting Your Project

01:06:35 Bonus Features

PDF guide to download free:

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