Notes from New York Vocal Coaching

Voice Lessons to the World

By Justin Stoney

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  1. the mix voice

What is mix and how to mix ?

1. vocal regist

  1. chest voice
  2. falsetto
  3. vocal fry

2. the mix

blend between different vocal registers

smooth transition of vocal registration

songs and the mix

Bruno Mars talking to the moon

we can sing in falsetto or chest voice (too much air, pressure, shouting, changing the volume)

too light or too heavy is not good to the taste of the song

4. cracking is the mix code

1. vocal cords

compression control

gradation of compression, to make the mix more smooth

2. head resonance

air stay in the head

vocal cord in the state of compression

head airflow + chest compression


boob boob boob boob

do’ sol mi do

try to sing in a light no compressed manner

head voice, no spread out of voice

How to Sing Mix Voice (working)

Blend of Strength and flexibility

Chest = strength feature

head voice = flexibility

mix combines strength and flexibility

mixed voice = the most coveted coordination

Allows for vocal athletics



Vocal muscles work in harmony

All vocal muscles work togehter

Cricothyroid (CT) muscle lengthen the cord

thyroarytenoid (TA) muscle shorten AND tones the cord

when CT lengthens the cords becomes wee and fall apart

TA can tone them up

Mix is long and also strong

open and close case

how long cocal folds stay shut during vibration

chest voice = closed quotient

head voice = open quotient

mixed voice = blend btw the two

accommodated by chnges in vocal musculature

the resonance factor

voices are produced by breath vibration resonance

Voice resonance in pharynx, nasal pharynx, nasal cavity

voice to be carry and be present without too much weight in vocal cords

resonance is the key factor

get the CT stretch and to take the pressure off the cords

use the head resonance

there is not just one mix

infinite amount of vocal coordination

chest dominant mix

strong but not forceful

50/50 mix

plain and centered

lightly without losing strength

head dominant mix

House of the rising sun

classic folk song

tips for singing the mix

strength comes from within

medial compression

how much the vocal cords come to the centre

vocal cords responsible for their own destiny

abiliy to loosen and tighten vocal folds

don’t let other muscles get in your way

with great compression comes great responsibility

be careful, don’t forget about the breath

support your breath

breathe into belly and ribs

gentle stream of air

let the breath help you

we need to sing in louise tilt and rock the larynx

stretch the vocal cord

feel the sound resonate in the pharynx, nasal pharynx, and nasal cavity

help accommodate the strength in the vocal folds

but not sing out louise: meaning to project your voice

good singning isn’t loud singing

volume is not the solution

we want the strong sound is similar to the soft sound

you musn’t fear the crack

it is not bad

vocal cords pick their preferred vibration

cricothyroid wins the battle

thyroarytenoid lets go

vocal exercise



g is to provide some strength

guu is to keep the larynx and the head stable

and the n is to reinforce the head resonance

Quick Singing Tips