My Leadership and volunteering experience

IAESTE Stockholm-head of job raising

2021-2022 head of job raising

  1. collecting information and connection with companies

  2. holding career fair and relevant work-related activities

  3. actively participating in committee activities and national annual meeting

CUHK PGDe studetns' union committee member

2014-2015 Technology Officer

  1. being sining contest committee

  2. purchasing teaching material for student teachers

  3. being master of ceremony in student's union party

the hkied students' union christian choir committee membr

  1. 2014-2015 Supply choir member

  2. 2013-2014 Fellowship Officer

  3. 2013-2014 Academic and Promotion Officer

CityU students' union christian choir promotin team

Being journal editor in the Choir Newsletter

Tak sun secondary school

2006 Activity Week Experience: IT Generation X

    1. Teaching primary student with IT application

    2. Disscussing to deliver lesson plan and materials to students

on fire 一團火

  • Join 2019-2020 Volunteer Movement

  • Volunteering as mathematics tutor for primary 2,4 5 students

  • 29th March,2019 - 23rd June, 2019

  • Preparing teaching material, creating vivd classroom atmosphere, building relationship with students and parents by visiting their home


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