Language Learning

Google Translate and Spread Sheet

Below is a educated gif made by Jake Miller

Instruction of creating a spreadsheet

1. register or log in a google gmail, you will have google drive that have application of spreadsheet

2. open google drive and then create a spread sheet

3. name the spreadsheet as Google Translate

Let's Google Translate

  1. At the first column first row, type english, at the seond column first row, type portugeese
  2. Here is the code:

As I want to translate the English word at A2 to a Chinese word at B2, I insert a function GOOGLETRANSLATE to B2 as follow:

=GOOGLETRANSLATE("A2", "en", "zh-tw")

=GOOLETRANSLATE() is a function

the values inside the () is all the parameters

"A2" is the location of the input of the function

"en" here means the source language or input, which is English in this example. Or I may replace it as "auto" for auto-detection of the language.

"zh-tw" is the target language or output, which is Tranditinal Chinese in this example

In Alphabetical Order

  1. at the header of the column, right click
  2. select "Sort sheet A to Z"
  3. drag back the the row of the word "English" as the first row

I can add as many column as I want to learn more target lanagues at the same time.

As it is an online application, I can keep updationg the list view the newly added vocabulary from time to time.

There is a list of languaage for you to select

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