My Qiskit Experience

Quantm challenge fall 2020

  1. I acquired the Intermediate level of IBM Quantum Challenge Fall 2020.

  1. In the challenge, I have completed 4 out of 5 exercises (16% have finished the same amount out of nearly 1,200 participants). The badge is to recognise my ability to implement near-future quantum data structures and design a quantum game solver using Grover’s algorithm.

  1. During the contest, I showed an understanding of quantum circuits, the gates that comprise such circuits, Grover’s algorithm, and qRAM (quantum random access memory) as a way to implement complex data structures.

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qiskit hackathon global 2020

  1. Community Choice Award Winner of 2020

  2. Delivering a program capable of receive a quantum circuit and return an audio file with a music sheet.

  3. Contact mentor Daniel Sierra-Sosa for more information

  4. Potentially writing a research paper in the future

  5. View the slide and article

  6. View Github

  7. Hear the quantum sound version 1

  8. Hear the quantum sound version 2 (generated from MuseScore with different instrumental color)

  9. Hear the quantum sound version 3 (generated from MuseScore with different instrumental color)

This is the certificate offered to me for winning the Community Choice at the hackathon. I am excited to receive it and have experienced such innovative project.

Self-Project on Quantum Machine Learning

The task is to create a two-qubit Bell State |01> and |10>

  • Analytically, I try to caculate how to get to the state. I make use of the Qiksit to verfiy if my calculation is correct.

  • Numerically, I need the following:

  1. two qubits:

  2. a set of operations on only

  3. Initial parameters for the gates corresponding to their parameters: thetaRx, thetaRy

  4. A circuit that applies the operations to thte qubits: circuit

  5. A simulator that runs the circuit fora specified numbdr of repetitions: reps, simulator

  • I introduce coding Gradient Descent on Task 2 for optimized parametrized circuit using pennyLane and qiskit.

  • View Github (multiple click for reload is needed)

Qiskit Hackathon Taiwan

OUr first meeting

  • We played some games and introduce ourselves

  • 1st to know about quanutm game

IBM Qiskit Advocate

This badge earner has gathered a deep level of understanding with Qiskit including circuits, algorithms, simulators, qubits and noise. Through their contributions to the Qiskit and the quantum community, this individual has demonstrated an ability and commitment to educate and influence others by sharing ideas, knowledge and expertise in the field of quantum computing.

You can find me on Qiskit Advocate website, click here!

Advocate badge

  • being 1 of 105 Advocates this year and 1 of 2 HK successful applicant