Computational Physics

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Computational Physics is a discipline that simulates the Theoretical Physics concept so that the phenomenon can be visualised from time to time, so that it helps us to predict what will happen in reality and contribute to Experimental Physics. So, I would say it is a bridge to Theoretical and Experimental Physics.

I make physics simulation by using VPython. VPython is a language using the logic of Pyhton to make object visualied in 3D. It is a very user-friendly programme. The working place glowscript is an online platform that can provide coding VPthon experience. All the codes can be stored into files, and files can be organized into folders. What a convenient place to code!

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Here are my works. It is getting more and more sophisticated (If there is a pop-up windows saying the program is undefined, please refresh the website again).

It is the discipline of Computational Physics Hope you enjoy it as I do, or even more!

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