Snap Circuit

project 1_lots of lights.mp4

Project 1:

Lots of Lights

project 2_flying saucer.mp4

Project 2:

Flying Saucer

project 3_electric playground.mp4

Project 3:

Electric Playground

project 4_iron_fillings.mp4

Project 4:

Iron Fillings

project 5_light the way.mp4

Project 5:

Light the Way

project 6_light bulbs of the future.mp4

Project 6:

Light Bulbs of the Future

project 10_materials tester.mp4

Project 7:

Ohm's Law

project 9_fuse.mp4

Project 8:


project 8_switches.mp4

Project 9:


project 7_ohms'law.mp4

Project 10:

Material Tester